Otto J. Band 3/3: Football

Since Helmut Rahn scored the winning goal in the 1954 World Cup final, football has symbolized both German identity and quality. Otto J. Band tells us how that story has shaped his life and his passion for this sport. As the manager of a small university team, Band has succeeded in organizing trips to the Balkans, South Korea, Australia, and Argentina, where his players competed and won. Today, he shares the story of that success. Continue reading “Otto J. Band 3/3: Football”

Otto J. Band 2/3: International

If you’re an international student and just arrived in Bamberg, Otto J. Band might be the first person you will meet at the university’s International Office. After being re-elected five times as Staff Representative, Otto chose to spend his most recent years in public service at the office. In this video, he tells us why he chose this job and shares with us what he’s learned from both his experiences with the international students, as well as his personal experiences and adventures as an international while traveling abroad. Continue reading “Otto J. Band 2/3: International”

Otto J. Band 1/3: Bamberg

From the Rock ‘n’ Roll generation to the digitized age, the students have brought life to Bamberg. Otto J. Band, who has served at the University of Bamberg since it was re-erected in the 1980s talks about its unique mission and the daily challenge its public servants must endure. The future is unpredictable, he argues, but it’s in the hands of the students, and they’re the best thing that has happened to the city. Continue reading “Otto J. Band 1/3: Bamberg”

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